What Happened in 2011?



The Beautiful Winner of the Prix de Lausanne is Mayara Magri, from Brazil. She chose The Royal BAllet School for her scholarship.

Mayara Magri, Lausanne winner


« Black Swan », almost one year later people keep on talking about this movie. Nathalie Portman is mind blowing, Sarah Lane is her replacement for Ballet scenes, Benjamin Millepied is the choreographer.

Black swan the movie



For the first time since 45 years old the Amercian Ballet theatre performed in Moscow.

ABT in Moscow


Bolshoi Ballet

The Bolshoi Ballet is in Paris at Opera Garnier with « Les flammes de Paris » and « Don Quicotte ». We cans ay that it is a true lesson for our French Dancers. The Paris audience applaused as they never do for Ballet Paris Opera. The Russian Ballet Company is a brilliant surprise and a lot of talented individuals even in the CDB.

Bolshoi in Paris



Aurelie Dupont, beautiful Etoile, came back on the stage with « Anatomie de la sensation ». She is brillitant since then, better than ever. She confirmed with « Psychée » « Oneguine » and « La source ».


On July 10th Roland Petit died, the Ballet world lost a « grand homme ».

Roland Petit died 10th July



The NYCB performed a new ballet « Ocean Kingdom » on a music of McCartney.

NYCB OCean Kingdom


Ethan Stiefel and Gillian Murphy became Guest Principal Dancer with ABT and Gillian Murphy with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, because Ethan Stiefel is the new Artistic director of the RNZB.

Ethan Stiefel - Gillian Murphy RNZB



First Position is a documentary, many times awarded at the festivals, regarding a few young dancers at the Youn America Gran Prix competition.


2 Retirements for the NYCB company: Charles Askegard left at 42 years old and Benjamin Millepied.

NYCB Charles Askegard retired

NYCB Benjamin Millepied retired

The School of American Ballet, the official Ballet school of the New York City Ballet, has for the first time some auditions in Europe: London, Paris and Madrid.

SAB auditions in Europe

Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi re-opened after many works with a prestigious gala: extracts of several ballets with Principal dancers of the Bolshoi company.

What happened in 2011 ?


Osipova & Vasiliev

The star couple of the Bolshoi announced a scoop! They left the Bolshoi to join the Mikhailovsky theater. According to the dancers it’s not because of money but more about available role and Repertory of the company.

Osipova & Vasiliev to the Mikhailovsky Theater

Bolshoi Ballet & ABT

For the first time in the history a foreign Principal dancer is appointed Principal Dancer of the Bolshoi Theater. David Hallberg made his debut as official Principal of the Bolshoi.

What happened in 2011 ?

Prix de Lausanne

The Prix de Lausanne announced the selected candidates for the competition on January 29th to February 4th.

Prix de Lausanne Selected candidates

Opera de Paris

The Ballet of Paris Opera performed a new ballet, created and choreographied by Jean-Guillaume Bart.

La Source, ODPBolshoi Theater

Katerina Shipulina promoted Principal Dancer wth the Bolshoi Theater.

Shipulina promoted Principal Dancer


 Intern Competition at the Ballet Paris Opera

Alice Renavand is promoted « Première danseuse », last range before Etoile.

Alice Renavand, promoted 1ère Danseuse

Bolshoi Theater

Following Natalia Osipova’s departure Nina Kaptsova and Katerina Krysanova are promoted Principal Dancer.

Nina Kaptsova, promoted Principal

Krysanova promoted principal

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