YAGP – Final results – Europe


     The winners of each category are selected to the international final in NY.

SENIOR AGE DIVISION – Classical women 

  • Grand prix: Joy Womack, 17 – Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Russia

YAGP - Final results - Europa

  • 1st place: Marie Varlet, 18 – Ecole de danse de l’Opéra de Paris
  • 2nd place: Alaia Rogers-Maman, 18 – The Art of Classical BAllet, USA
  • 3rd place: Valentina Codinha, 15 – Escola de Danco do Conservatorio Nacional, Portugal

SENIOR AGE DIVISION – Classical men 

  • 1st place: Angelo Greco, 16 – Il Balletto, Italy
  • 2nd place: Carl Van Godtsenhoven, 17 – Terpischore, France
  • 3rd place: Andrea Schifano, 16 – Il Balletto, Italy


  • 1st place: Angelo Greco, 16 – Il BAlletto, Italy 

 JUNIOR AGE DIVISION – Classical women

YAGP - Final results - Europa

  • Youth grand prix: not awarded
  • 1st place: KatherineGazda, 14 – Canada Ballet School, Canada
  • 2nd place: Mafalda Fideles, 13 – Escola De Danca Do Colégio Rainha Santa Isabel, Portugal
  • 2nd place: Eleonora Silverio, 12 – Balletto Tatro la Fenice, Italy
  • 3rd place: Maria Maeastre Pera, 14 – Artemis Danza, Spain


  • 1st place: not awarded
  • 2nd place: Lorenzo Silingardi, 14 – Il Balletto, Italy 
  • 3rd place: Simone Dalè, 14 – Dance World, Italy

JUNIOR AGE DIVISION – Contemporary men & Women

  • 1st place: Mafalda Fideles, 13 – Escola De Danca Do Colégio Rainha Santa Isabel, Portugal
  • 2nd place: Marina Perez Ahedo, 13 – Jove Ballet de Cataluna, Spain
  • 3rd place: Clara Royer, 14 – Le Monde de la Danse, France

YAGP - Final results - Europa


  • Hope award: Hortense Pajtler, 11 – Synopsis dance, France
  • 1st place: Diana Georgia Ionescu, 11 – National College of Arts « Regina Maria », Romania
  • 2nd place: Lada Sartakova, 9 – V Kusramshin’s Ballet School, Russia
  • 3rd place: Sabrina Salvia, 10 – Accademia Anime Scalze, Italy
  • 3rd place: Sebia Planteve, 9 – Ballerino, Belgium

YAGP - Final results - Europa


  • 1st place: Il Balletto, Italy – All of their Pieces
  • 2nd place: Ballt Studio Bergamo, Italy – Snowflakes
  • 3rd place: Artemis Danza, Spain – Pas de deux from Don Quixotte


  • Outsanding artistry award presented by Dance Europe: Angelo Greco
  • Judges contemporary prize: Petra Zupancic


YAGP - Final results - Europa


My first passion is Ballet, the second one mathematics: so just some statistics about this competition.

41% of the candidates are Italian, 15% French and 14% are Spanish.

At the end if we look at finalist candidates nationalities: Italian represent only 29% of the candidates, French dancers 23%, dancers from Portugual 12% and from Russia 12% as well. Spain, Belgium, Romania and USA will be also represented at the Final in NYC.

USA performs 100% success rate: one candidate in the competition, one candidate in final.

Russia performs a 67% success rate: one candidate didn’t achieve the final.

Romania has a 25% success factor, France 14%, portugal 11%, Italy 7%, Belgium 6% and Spain 4%.

Success rate by school is quite interesting, some schools present a lot of students and only a few succeed, other schools have a completely different strategy: they present only their best dancers, who achieved the NYC final.

4 schools have a 100% success factor: the Bolshoi Academy with Joy Womack ; L’école de danse de l’Opéra de Paris with Marie Varlet (who is no more at this school, she’s looking for a company currently) ; The Art of Classical Ballet with Alaia Rogers-Maman ; The Vladislav K. russian ballet school with Lada Sartakova. The Dance World and the National College of Arts Regina Maria have 50%. French school as Terpsichore and Synopsis have a 33% success factor, Le Monde de la danse 17%.

To conclude a few words regarding the choice of candidates variations:

 Senior category   

The most popular variations of the ballerina were Raymonda (12%) ; Kitri variation (10%) ; La Esmeralda (8%) ; Le Corsaire (7%) ; Aurora variation (5%) ; Coppelia (5%) and Gamzatti variation (5%). Some seems to made a too easier choice with a variation, which is not enough difficult to achieve the final in such a competition: Blue Bird variation, Princess Florine, Fairy variation. Other dancers made original choices : Black swan variation (very difficult variation with a lot of pirouettes) ; Maria from the Cavalry Halt ; the Cavalier variation from The Nutcracker or th Fairy doll variation. Joy Womack is the only one to perform « La fille mal gardée ». Reminder: she was performing on Bolshoi stage the leading role in « La fille mal gardée » a few days previous the competition…

YAGP - Final results - Europa

Junior category

    In this category they prefer to perform Paquita (8%) ; La fille mal gardée (7%) ; La Esmeralda (7%) ; Fairy bariation (6%) ; Coppelia (6%) ; Giselle (5%) : Le Corsaire (5%) ; Princesse Florine (5%) and Cupide variation (5%). Sone original variations are tried to be danced: Odalisque variation ; Chopiniana ; pas d’Esclave ; Queen of the Dryads ; Pizzicato variation ; Dulcinea variation ; James variation.

YAGP - Final results - Europa

Pre-competitive category

     The Fairy variation (13%) ; Princess Florine (13%) : LA fille mal gardée (10%) and La Esmeralda (10%) has been choiced for these yound ballet dancers. Some of them, more ambitious wanted to try Flames of Paris, Peasant pas de Deux or Swan Lake variation.

YAGP - Final results - Europa

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